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 * Othello
 * Copyright (C) Evan Harris, 1994
 * Permission is granted to freely redistribute and modify this code,
 * providing the author(s) get credit for having written it.

#if !defined(CLOCKS_PER_SECOND) && defined(CLOCKS_PER_SEC)

#define NEWGAME -1
#define QUIT -2
#define UNKNOWN -8
#define ILLEGAL -9

void NewGame(void);
void InitDisplay(int reverse);
void EndDisplay(void);
void PutBoardStart(void);
void PutBoardEnd(void);
void PutSquare(int x, int y, int entry);
void ShowWin(int who, int winscore, int losescore);
void ShowDraw(int score);
void ThinkingOn(void);
void ThinkingOff(void);
void ShowTime(double t);
int GetMove(void);
void Poll(void);

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